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On Learning Basics of Graphic Design

I’ve wanted to learn the basics of graphic design for a long time. I even bought The Graphic Design School as I thought it would help me get on my way.

After letting it sit on the shelf for a long time and gather dust I have finally taken it down and plan to use it alongside the vast amount of resources available around the web. (I will link to some which I have found useful/interesting below.)

  • Lifehacker - Learn the basics of Design

  • Meet Your Type I found this to be a good introduction to typography. It gives an overview of its main aspects, although there is not much detail in the descriptions.

  • Creative mornings - A series of half hour talks given by designers about anything. I’ve been really enjoying these - I’m finding them inspirational and generally thought provoking.

I think the process of learning more about design in general is going to be a slow one but I’m glad I’ve made a start. I hope (and think) that it will prove to be a valuable skill to have as it can influence most of the choices I make thought my life. I will post more thoughts on design when they occur to me but for now I leave you with the following question which is a rephrasing of something I heard. Do you think it is possible to design/make/produce anything that everybody really loves or is it a case of if no one hates it no one is likely to love it either?