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Post One

I know you are all thinking “this is the second post, not the first” but I have decided to call it post one for a number of reasons.

Firstly. The geeky reason: we all know (or do we) that indices start at zero therefore this post has the index one.

Secondly. The non-geeky reason: The first post was automatically generated and not actually created by me so this is in actual fact my first post.

Personally, I prefer the geeky reason.

Before I ramble on too much I would like to talk a little about how I intend to use this site.

I plan to use this site to post thoughts, rambles and perhaps the occasional recipe. I don’t expect to post very often, in fact I expect my posts will be few and far between. The posts on here will be as much for my own reference as anyone else’s, however if you stumble across one of my posts then I hope you have enjoyed reading.

Thats all for now,