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Quote From Mirko Ilic on Design Matters (Podcast)

A few quotes from an interview of Mirko Ilic by Debbie Millman on the Design Matters podcast. You will have to listen to the podcast to hear his great accent (link to podcast in title).

When asked why he didn’t want to work at the New York Times Op-Ed pages for the rest of his life

If you stay too long on one place, become routine, and then you can forget, even those beautiful brilliant moments on the beginning, becomes job…

I stopped doing comics because I got bored with my own comics…
… you must entertain yourself in the first place

“So Mirko, you love to experiment?”

Exactly. And really, business wise, its extremely bad because once, when you start doing something well you just need to cash in. And just do it many of those. But is boring. And I didn’t become artist to be bored by myself. If is boring to me how boring must be to people who consume that?!